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Learning with Computers, Level K

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The Level K book features the character of Jess as the guide. Professor Keys is teaching Jess how to use a computer and software applications. This book teaches computer awareness skills. Students are introduced to the software applications and learn how the programs can be used to accomplish simple tasks.

Learning with Computers, Level K - awareness skills introduced:

  • Identifying parts of the computer
  • Learning correct posture at the keyboard
  • Demonstrating proper disk use and care
  • Respecting the privacy of other students' work
  • Learning how to use a mouse
  • Using the Enter/Return, Space Bar, and arrow keys
  • Opening, closing, and restoring windows
  • Opening and closing programs and files
  • Identifying and using paint, text, and draw tools in drawing software
  • Navigating teacher-chosen Web sites
  • Using an Internet toolbar to navigate
  • Navigating in a spreadsheet
  • Using an existing spreadsheet to solve problems
  • Navigating in a database
  • Using an existing database to solve problems

Text (softcover, top spiral, 4-color, 192 pages)


5-Pak (Leve K texts)


Classroom Kit (Windows)*


Classroom Kit (Mac)*


Wrap Teacher's Edition


Teacher's Resource CD**


Learning with Computers Levels K-5 Series Sampler


* Classroom Kits contain 6 copies of the Student Text, 1 Wrap Teacher Edition, Teacher Resource CD, and a Bernie's Typing Travels site license binder for either Windows or Macintosh.

** CD contains Data and solution files, Rubrics (also in XML format for use on a PDA), Good work certificates, Customizable blackline master files, Bernie clip art, Keyboarding methodology, Keyboarding technique sheet, Customizable Letters to Parents, Glossary

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