Diana Trabel has been actively involved in elementary education and computer education for more than 25 years. After ten years as an elementary classroom teacher, Diana brought her classroom experience to curriculum development at South-Western/Thomson Learning. Currently, Diana is an author and educational consultant in the field of computer education. Diana is the co-author of the Teacher's Resource Guide for Bernie's Typing Travels, a program for teaching keyboarding to elementary students. Learning with Computers is the result of Diana's many years of working in education and publishing on how to make computers and software applications accessible and meaningful to all teachers and students.


Dr. Jack Hoggatt has taught Keyboarding at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. He also has taught Keyboarding methods courses and workshops for teachers. Dr. Hoggatt has been an author of South-Western Keyboarding products for the past 18 years, most recently contributing his expertise to Bernie's Typing Travels. Dr. Hoggatt is involved with his community and the school activities of his four children.