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Learning with Computers, Level 5

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The Level 5 book builds on the computer awareness skills introduced and reviewed in the Level 4 book. Bernie is the guide as Professor Keys teaches computer applications skills. Students gain more proficiency in keyboarding skills as key reaches are reviewed.

Learning with Computers, Level 5 - new skills introduced:

  • Using the Find command to locate files and folders
  • Deleting files and folders
  • Using the top row of the keyboard for numeric keying
  • Inserting bullets and numbers
  • Using page setup
  • Creating and formatting tables
  • Creating columns
  • Performing Boolean searches
  • Developing multimedia presentation with sources cited

Text (softcover, top spiral, 4-color, 192 pages)


5-Pak (Level 5 texts)


Classroom Kit (Windows)*


Classroom Kit (Mac)*


Wrap Teacher's Edition


Teacher's Resource CD**


Learning with Computers Levels K-5 Series Sampler


* Classroom Kits contain 6 copies of the Student Text, 1 Wrap Teacher Edition, Teacher Resource CD, and a Bernie's Typing Travels site license binder for either Windows or Macintosh.

** CD contains Data and solution files, Rubrics (also in XML format for use on a PDA), Good work certificates, Customizable blackline master files, Bernie clip art, Keyboarding methodology, Keyboarding technique sheet, Customizable Letters to Parents, Glossary

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